Five Things: Sept 2019


  • I’m starting this (monthly? weekly?) blogchain as a way for me to summarize important events in my life and interesting stuff I’ve learnt.


  • We’ve launched into beta!
  • I’m four weeks into the Advanced software engineering web course and really digging it so far. In essence, James tries to summarize principles of good software into fundamental principles that can be drilled and practiced. People often tout fundamental principles of *software engineering* which are not *really* fundamental. For good examples see [here]( .


  • Have been using floatation therapy more recently - went for two 1 hour sessions in the past one month. During these sessions I mostly try to practice Vipassana meditation. The effects start off rather subtle (it’s easier to catch myself being distracted) and become more profound deeper into the session.
  • For years, my tagline on Facebook was “not all who wander are lost”. Then I read this ribbonfarm article and the first comment and my perspective on the phrase has totally changed.