2018 in Books

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The goal

I set an ambitious goal of reading a book a week in 2018. As of 27th December 2018, I am at 47/52 (and not likely to get much further). Here are some thoughts about I learned during this journey.

  1. Finding a way to read consistently is key. I read everywhere this year - whether it was scrolling on my iPhone at bus stops, turning the pages of a physical book while at cafes or using the Kindle app on my iPad while lazing at home on a beanbag.
  2. Remembering what you have read is much easier when you take notes and highlight (thank you Kindle / iPad!).
  3. Reading something for the second time is often far more rewarding than reading a second book if the book has sufficient depth. There were 4 books that I re-read this year - Gödel Escher Bach, The Pale King, Infinite Jest and Getting Things Done. In all cases I felt that the second reading was far more entertaining and useful.
  4. Taking time to select your next book to read is worth it. This kind of struck me after realizing the value of reading something more than once - if I can only read about 500 unique books in my lifetime, and each book takes an average of 15 hours to read twice, then it is worth spending more than 5 minutes picking out my next read.

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